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Welcome to Vision Pharmacy, your trusted partner in enhancing patient care and medication management within care homes. We are proud to introduce Biodose, a revolutionary total patient medication administration system designed to streamline drug administration processes and reduce errors in care home environments.

Biodose for Care Homes:

Biodose, brought to you by Vision Pharmacy, is a cutting-edge solution that combines the administration of solid oral tablets, capsules, and liquid medications into a single, efficient system. With a strong commitment to improving patient care, Biodose is the first of its kind, providing comprehensive drug administration solutions for care homes.

Key Features and Benefits:

Enhanced Patient Care: Biodose simplifies medication management, providing Patient Information Sheets and MARS (Medication Administration Record) charts. This empowers your care home staff to streamline the administration process, ensuring residents receive the right medications at the right time.

Biocote Protection:

Our Biodose system comes equipped with built-in Biocote protection, effectively preventing MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) and enhancing patient safety.

Tamper-Evident Design:

Biodose is delivered in patient packs, each containing a tray with 28 individual tamper-evident medicine pods. The tamper-evident seals on each pod guarantee medication security and prevent leakage, even during transit or administration.

Accountability and Compliance:

Biodose trays feature patient pictures, ensuring that even temporary staff can confidently administer medications to the correct patient. The peel-and-administer design eliminates the need for additional cups, providing added security and accountability.

Unique Capabilities:

Biodose is the only system capable of effectively managing both solid oral and liquid medicines in a care home setting. Our 28-pod trays display drug and patient information on each pod, promoting patient compliance and ensuring maximum accountability.

Integrating Biodose with Vision Pharmacy Trolleys:

Our versatile trolleys, available in various sizes, can store up to 90 trays and additional items. They are equipped with integrated waste collection facilities, making rounds quicker and more efficient for your care home staff.

Biocote Protection:

Biodose incorporates Biocote technology, providing built-in protection against MRSA. This makes Biodose the ultimate choice for efficient and safe drug administration management in care homes.

Express Your Interest in Biodose:

We offer a complimentary assessment of your care home's specific needs, ensuring a tailored solution that meets your requirements from day one. To learn more or schedule an appointment with our dedicated Care Home Team, please contact us at 0116 367 8663

At Vision Pharmacy, we are committed to providing timely and personalised care home services, recognising that every care home is unique. Trust us to deliver excellence in medication management and enhance the well-being of your residents.