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Caresens Pro Test Strips – 50 Strips

Caresens Pro Test Strips – 50 Strips

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The Caresens Pro Test Strips are designed for use with the Caresens Pro blood glucose monitoring system. These test strips are essential for individuals with diabetes to accurately monitor their blood glucose levels. Here's a comprehensive overview:

Key Features:

  1. High Accuracy: Delivers precise and reliable blood glucose readings.
  2. No Coding Required: Simplifies the testing process by eliminating the need for manual coding.
  3. Small Blood Sample: Requires only a small drop of blood (0.5 microliters), reducing discomfort during testing.
  4. Fast Results: Provides results quickly, typically within 5 seconds.
  5. User-Friendly: Easy to handle and insert into the Caresens Pro meter.


  • Convenient: No coding required, making the testing process straightforward and user-friendly.
  • Quick Testing: Rapid results allow for timely diabetes management.
  • Accurate: Consistent and precise readings help maintain better blood glucose control.
  • Less Invasive: Requires a minimal blood sample, making the process less painful.

How to Use:

  1. Prepare the Meter: Turn on the Caresens Pro meter.
  2. Insert the Strip: Insert a Caresens Pro test strip into the meter.
  3. Apply Blood Sample: Use a lancet to obtain a small blood sample and apply it to the designated area on the test strip.
  4. Read Results: Wait for the meter to display the blood glucose reading, which typically takes about 5 seconds.

Package Contents:

  • 50 Caresens Pro test strips.

Usage Tips:

  • Ensure hands are clean and dry before testing to avoid contamination.
  • Store test strips in their original container and keep the container tightly closed to protect them from moisture and contamination.
  • Always check the expiration date on the test strip container to ensure accuracy.
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