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Iodoflex 6x4 5g

Iodoflex 6x4 5g

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Discover effective wound care with Iodoflex 6x4 5g. Crafted with precision and backed by clinical expertise, this advanced dressing offers optimal healing for various wounds, from minor abrasions to chronic ulcers.

Infused with iodine and cadexomer, Iodoflex harnesses the power of these ingredients to manage exudate, reduce bacterial load, and promote granulation tissue formation. Its unique composition ensures sustained release of iodine, providing continuous antimicrobial action while minimizing skin irritation.

The 5g dressing of Iodoflex is conveniently sized at 6x4cm, making it suitable for small to medium-sized wounds and easy to apply. Simply place the dressing over the wound bed and secure it in place with a secondary dressing as needed.

Trust in the proven efficacy of Iodoflex 6x4 5g to accelerate wound healing and minimize the risk of infection. With Iodoflex, you can confidently manage wounds and support the healing process for improved patient outcomes.

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