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Madawi Perfume EDP by Arabian Oud Fragrance

Madawi Perfume EDP by Arabian Oud Fragrance

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Madawi Perfume EDP by Arabian Oud Fragrance is a product offered by Arabian Oud, a renowned perfume brand originating from Saudi Arabia. "EDP" stands for Eau de Parfum, which is a type of fragrance with a higher concentration of perfume oils compared to other types like Eau de Toilette (EDT) or Cologne. This concentration typically results in a longer-lasting scent.

Madawi is one of the many fragrance offerings from Arabian Oud, known for its exotic and luxurious scents often inspired by Arabian culture and traditions. The 90ml/ 200ml size indicates the volume of the perfume bottle.

The specific scent profile of Madawi Perfume EDP would depend on the blend of ingredients used by Arabian Oud, which could include a combination of floral, woody, spicy, or oriental notes. Arabian Oud is known for creating fragrances that evoke sophistication and elegance, often with a Middle Eastern influence.

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