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Mamaearth Oil-Free Face Wash with Apple Cider Vinegar & Salicylic Acid- 100ml

Mamaearth Oil-Free Face Wash with Apple Cider Vinegar & Salicylic Acid- 100ml

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Break free from breakouts! Wash off the day’s grime & grease with Mamaearth Oil-Free Face Wash. Crafted with the refreshing goodness of Apple Cider Vinegar and the power of Salicylic Acid, this face wash combats pesky pimples by cleansing the skin deeply, unclogging pores & healing active acne.

Mamaearth Oil-free Face Wash gently sloughs off dead skin cells, resulting in clear & acne-free skin. Coupled with the goodness of Niacinamide & Citric Acid, it helps fade acne marks quicker, giving you naturally radiant skin.

And because of our no toxins philosophy, you won’t find any Silicones, Parabens, mineral oil & dyes in our Oil-Free Face Wash.

Key Ingredients-

Apple Cider Vinegar: It improves the skin’s appearance by refreshing it.

Salicylic Acid: It unclogs pores and exfoliates the skin gently, preventing blackheads & breakouts.

Niacinamide: An active form of Vitamin B3+, Niacinamide reduces enlarged pores & reduces acne marks effectively.

Citric Acid: Enriched with antiseptic qualities, Citric Acid reduces inflammation & helps remove acne-causing bacteria.

How to use-

Step 1: Apply a coin sized amount of the face wash on your damp face.

Step 2: Gently massage it in with your fingertips in circular motions, concentrating on the forehead, nose, & chin.

Step 3: Rinse off with water and pat dry.

Who can use-

Men and women of 18 years of age & above can use the Oil-free Face Wash

The Oil-Free Face Wash is suitable for all skin types, especially for oily skin.

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