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Wellman Face Wash-125ml

Wellman Face Wash-125ml

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What is Wellman Face Wash-125ml?

Wellman Face Wash-125ml is a cleansing product specifically designed for men. It helps to remove impurities from pollutants and perspiration, leaving skin refreshed, revitalised and energised.

How does Wellman Face Wash-125ml work?

Wellman Face Wash-125ml is formulated with Vitamin B3 to protect the skin barrier, Aloe Vera for its cooling properties and Arginine to help control moisture balance. It is dermatologically tested.

What are the benefits of taking Wellman Face Wash-125ml?

The benefits of using Wellman Face Wash-125ml include a refreshed, revitalised and energised complexion, as well as protection of the skin barrier and improved moisture balance.

How do I use Wellman Face Wash-125ml?

To use Wellman Face Wash-125ml, apply it to the face and neck area every morning and night. Massage it into damp skin, lather and rinse well with warm water. Follow with a cool rinse.

What precautions should I take before using Wellman Face Wash-125ml?

Before using Wellman Face Wash-125ml, avoid direct contact with the eyes. For best results, follow with Wellman Anti-Ageing Moisturiser.

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