Collection: Athlete's Foot

A fungal skin illness called athlete's foot (tinea pedis) typically starts between the toes. People who wear tight-fitting shoes and have highly sweaty feet are more likely to experience it.

An itchy, scaly rash is one of athlete's foot's warning signs and symptoms. Contagious and spreadable by infected surfaces, towels, or clothing.

As well as ringworm and jock itch, athlete's foot is strongly related to other fungal illnesses. Antifungal drugs can be used to treat it, but the illness frequently returns.

Is Athlete's Foot a Serious Condition?

An athlete's foot typically doesn't go away on its own, even though it doesn't typically cause any major issues in otherwise healthy people. It may spread to a nail and result in a fungal nail infection if neglected. Though it is rare, the infection can spread to other skin types, including the hands.