Collection: Cough, Cold & Flu

What is a Cough, Cold & Flu?

A cold normally takes longer to develop and is much milder than the flu. A quick rise in temperature of 38–40 degrees occurs in those who have the flu. They experience a fever, achy muscles, and tiredness. Also, some people experience nausea. The first signs usually appear in three days and linger for up to a week. It could take a little longer to recover from exhaustion.

A cold is a minor infection with signs like a sore throat, runny or blocked nose, and a cough. Even though the fever may be a little higher, fatigue is not a common cold symptom. Colds usually go away on their own in a week or so, though the cough could linger a bit longer.

What Causes Cough, Cold & Flu?

Most Cough, Cold & Flu symptoms, Scar Reduction & Stretch Marks are caused by viruses, which also create a mild illness that goes away on its own without special care. Going outside with damp hair or bare feet, getting chilly or wet, or any of these things do not cause colds. Other illnesses may also bring on cold symptoms.