Collection: Intimate Hygiene

The Intimate Health and well-being of people, couples, and families, as well as the social and economic development of societies, depend on their sexual health. When regarded positively, sexual health necessitates a positive and respectful attitude toward sexuality and romantic relationships, as well as the ability to enjoy joyful and secure sexual experiences free from compulsion, prejudice, and violence. The following factors affect both men's and women's capacity to achieve sexual health and well-being:

  • Living in an environment that supports and validates sexual health.
  • Having access to thorough, high-quality information about sex and sexuality. 
  • Understanding the risks they may encounter and their susceptibility to negative effects of unprotected sexual activity.
  •  Being able to seek sexual health care.

How Do You Maintain Intimate Health?

How to keep your intimate parts clean and hydrated

  • How to keep your intimate parts clean and hydrated. 
  • Try to keep your intimate area dry. 
  • ​Maintain healthy food habits. 
  • ​Keep yourself hydrated. 
  • ​Avoid tight clothes. 
  • ​Never avoid symptoms of vaginal infection
  • Avoid douching.
  • Change sanitary pads after 4-5 hours.
  • ​Maintain cleanliness and hygiene.