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Fluconazole Capsule

Fluconazole Capsule

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What is Fluconazole Capsule?

Fluconazole Capsule is an oral medication used to treat fungal infections such as thrush. It is available over-the-counter and does not require a prescription.

How does Fluconazole Capsule work?

Fluconazole Capsule works by killing the fungus that causes thrush. The standard dosage is 150mg and one dose should be enough to clear thrush within 7 days.

What are the benefits of taking Fluconazole Capsule?

Fluconazole Capsule can help reduce symptoms such as itching, redness, swelling, soreness, and a white non-smelling vaginal discharge.

How do I use Fluconazole Capsule?

Fluconazole Capsule should be taken orally with water. Alongside taking the medication, lifestyle changes such as wearing cotton underwear, avoiding hot baths, and washing daily can help clear thrush.

What precautions should I take before using Fluconazole Capsule?

If more than two separate counts of thrush occur in six months, contact a doctor. If symptoms worsen or have not gone after 7 days, contact a doctor. If symptoms clear up but then return after 7 days, another capsule can be taken. If you experience any side effects, contact a doctor immediately.

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