Collection: Teething

When a baby starts teething, the first teething will erupt from the gums. Both parents and babies may experience frustration at this time. It can be easier if you know what to anticipate from teething and how to make it a little less uncomfortable.

How can you help your child with the discomforts of teething?

Try giving your infant firm rubber toys, teething rings, or chilly teething toys to chew on if teething is making them unhappy. Teething rings and toys shouldn't be frozen because they can harm your baby's gums. Using your finger, you can also massage your baby's gums. Teething gels may not be effective since they are rapidly wiped off if there is considerable drooling, which could make the effect of the gels fleeting. Usually, applying something cold to the gums helps to numb and relax them. Consult your baby's doctor about possible teething painkillers.