Collection: Eye Drops & Washes

Eye Drops are a form of liquid solution that is given to the eye with an eye dropper and are frequently medicated. To help treat eye problems, eye injuries, and eye allergies, there are numerous different eye drops available. The various kinds of eye drops and their applications will be covered in this article. Artificial tears, antihistamines, antibiotics, glaucoma, steroid, antiviral, and anti-redness eye drops are a few of the numerous kinds of eye drops you should be aware of.

What Are Eye Drops Used For?

If your eyes aren't producing enough moisture on their own, lubricating eye drops can help by replacing the natural moisture in your eyes. They promote comfort by relieving dryness and irritability.

Artificial tears help a damaged eye recover from the surface, boost comfort by lessening the sensation of a scratch on the surface, and flush out any remaining harmful or contaminated particles. They keep the eye lubricated to stop future harm.

Different formulations and viscosities can be found in artificial tears. Some may have bicarbonate ions, different viscosities, and tonicities. Some come in sterile, one-use containers and don't contain preservatives, making them preferable.