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Other illnesses may also be to blame, despite the fact that pressure around the eyes, forehead, and cheeks is often a sign of Fever, Sinus, & Headache. Possible culprits include a migraine, sinus infection, or stress headache.

A Fever, Sinus & Headache may get worse if you bend forward or lie down, in addition to the pressure and pain in your forehead, cheeks, and the area behind your eyes. These headaches may also be accompanied by other cold-like symptoms such as sore throat, fever, cough, and weariness.

Several signs help to distinguish a sinus headache from a migraine headache. A migraine commonly accompanies nausea or vomiting, and it typically grows worse with sound or bright light.

Sinus Headaches

Fever, Sinus & Headache, known as sinus headaches, might mimic a sinus infection (sinusitis). The cheekbones, forehead, and eyes may all feel compressed. Perhaps you have a headache.

But this pain might actually be caused by a migraine.


Indications and symptoms of sinus headaches may include:

  1. Cheek, brow, or forehead ache, pressure, or fullness
  2. ache that gets worse when you lie down or bend forward
  3. clogged nose
  4. Fatigue
  5. A toothache in the upper teeth