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Nurofen Period Pain – 16 Gel Capsules

Nurofen Period Pain – 16 Gel Capsules

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Nurofen Period Pain capsules give rapid relief from period pain. Easy to take soft capsules to relieve period pain cramps, muscular pain, backache, headache and migraine pain. Lasts up to 8 hours.

  • 8 hours of pain relief
  • 16 Gel Capsules 
  • Aches, pains & fever

Usage/ Dosage

  • Adults, the elderly and children and adolescents between 12 and 18 years: take 1 or 2 capsules with water, up to three times a day.
  • Leave at least 4 hours between doses.


Do not take if Have a stomach ulcer, perforation or bleeding
Are allergic to ibuprofen or any other ingredient of the product, aspirin or other related painkillers Are taking other NSAID painkillers, or aspirin with a daily dose above 75mg. Don't take if you are in the last 3 months of pregnancy.


Each Liquid Capsule contains: Ibuprofen 200mg, Includes Potassium, Sorbitol and E124


For full details on Nurofen Period Pain please see the Patient Information Leaflet inside the box. 

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