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Amorolfine 5% Nail Lacquer 3ml

Amorolfine 5% Nail Lacquer 3ml

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Amorolfine 5% Nail Lacquer 3ml is a professional-grade treatment designed to combat fungal nail infections. It effectively treats the infection, preventing its spread to healthy nails. This lacquer is suitable for treating up to two nails simultaneously, making it convenient and efficient. It is particularly effective for infections affecting the upper half or sides of the nail. 

This treatment is recommended for adults aged 18 and above. Its application is simple, similar to applying nail polish. You only need to treat your affected nail once a week, ensuring a hassle-free and time-efficient process. Each package includes a 3ml bottle of the lacquer, a set of nail files, and cleaning swabs. These additional tools enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

What is Amorolfine 5 Nail Lacquer?

Amorolfine 5 nail lacquer is a powerful antifungal treatment for fungal nail infections. It comes in a convenient 3ml size and is suitable for adults and adolescents over 18.

How does it work Amorolfine Hydrochloride?

Loceryl for nail fungus targets the underlying fungal infection and promotes healthy nail growth. It should be applied evenly over the affected nail surface and allowed to dry completely before putting on socks, shoes, or other footwear.

What are the benefits of taking Amorolfine Fungal Nail Treatment?

The benefits of taking Loceryl Nagellack include effective treatment for fungal nail infections and promoting healthy nail growth.

How do I use Amorolfine Nail Lacquer?

To use Amorolfine Nail Lacquer 3ml:

  1. Ensure the affected nail is clean, dry, and free from nail polish or other coatings.
  2. Apply a thin layer of the nail lacquer evenly over the affected nail surface and allow it to dry thoroughly before putting on socks, shoes, or other footwear.
  3. Repeat once a week.

What precautions should I take before using Amorolfine Cream?

Before using Amorolfine cream, avoid touching the eyes, mouth, or other mucous membranes. 

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