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Calypso Once A Day Sun Protection SPF30200ml

Calypso Once A Day Sun Protection SPF30200ml

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Product details

it can be applied to the skin once and will protect you all day long. The water resistant formula provides protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Protect your family all day, without having to stop the fun to reapply.

Warnings / Side effects

Avoid contact with eyes. If contact does occur, wash with plenty of water. Do not apply to broken skin. Discontinue if signs of irritation or a rash appear. Ideally do a patch test.

Usage / Instructions

Ensure your skin is dry. Apply generously and evenly where applicable. First time users re-apply after 10 minutes. Leave on the skin 15 minutes before sun exposure to allow the sunscreen to bind to your skin. After swimming, pat your skin dry with a towel (do not rub). Bathing, showering or towelling will remove the product.

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