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Canesfresh 10 Feminine Soft Wipes

Canesfresh 10 Feminine Soft Wipes

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What are Canesfresh Wipes?

Canesfresh Feminine Wipes provide gentle daily cleansing and freshness with calming lotus extract and pro-vitamin B5 for your intimate area.

Feel fresh throughout the day! Perfect for use during your period, after sports activity or when on the go.

  • Discreet handbag size: 10 soft wipes in a discreet pack
  • Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic
  • Free from preservative and alcohol
  • Flushable and biodegradable

How to use Canesfresh Wipes?

Gently use then simply flush away. Use only once. Reseal pack to prevent wipes drying out.

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