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Colgate Peroxyl Mouthwash 300ml

Colgate Peroxyl Mouthwash 300ml

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At Vision Pharmacy, we understand the importance of maintaining excellent oral health, and Colgate Peroxyl Mouthwash 300ml is here to be your trusted companion on your journey to a healthier smile.

Key Features:

  1. Soothing Oral Rinse: Colgate Peroxyl Mouthwash offers a soothing and refreshing rinse for your mouth, promoting healing and comfort.

  2. Oxygenating Action: The formula releases oxygen bubbles, helping to clean and remove debris from the mouth, gums, and throat.

  3. Effective Antiseptic: This mouthwash is an effective antiseptic solution, supporting the healing of minor oral irritations.

  4. Alcohol-Free: It is alcohol-free, making it a gentle choice for those with sensitivity to alcohol-based mouthwashes.

  5. 300ml Size: Each bottle contains 300ml of mouthwash, ensuring a generous supply for your daily oral care routine.

At Vision Pharmacy, your oral health and well-being are our top priorities. Colgate Peroxyl Mouthwash 300ml is designed to empower you with a gentle and effective solution for maintaining a healthy and comfortable smile. Say goodbye to oral discomfort and welcome a refreshing and soothing oral rinse. Order your Colgate Peroxyl Mouthwash today and experience the difference in your daily oral care.

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