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Dioralyte Blackcurrant Rehydration Sachets x20

Dioralyte Blackcurrant Rehydration Sachets x20

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Revitalize your body with Dioralyte Blackcurrant Rehydration Sachets, a trusted solution to replenish lost fluids and essential electrolytes. Each pack contains 20 convenient sachets, perfect for on-the-go hydration needs.

Formulated with a delicious blackcurrant flavor, these sachets make rehydration a pleasant experience. Whether you're recovering from illness, exerting yourself physically, or simply in need of a boost, Dioralyte offers a quick and effective way to restore electrolyte balance and hydration levels.

Expertly crafted with a balanced blend of electrolytes, including sodium, potassium, and glucose, Dioralyte aids in restoring fluid balance, promoting faster recovery and enhanced well-being.

Stay hydrated and energized with Dioralyte Blackcurrant Rehydration Sachets x20, your go-to solution for replenishing electrolytes and restoring vitality.

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