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Gillette ProGlide Men’s Razor Blade Refills - 12 Blades

Gillette ProGlide Men’s Razor Blade Refills - 12 Blades

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The Gillette ProGlide is a thoroughly modern cartridge featuring a state-of-the-art microcomb and expertly designed, long-lasting, super-sharp blades and many other assets. Thanks to lubrication after the blades, a spring-base mount, a blade stabiliser and a precision trimmer blade at the back of the cartridge, you can enjoy incredible closeness and comfort.

Features and Benefits:

  • Microcomb guard to guide hairs to the blades
  • Cushioning Lubrastrip for slick glide
  • Our sharpest blades (blades 1 to 4) for incredible closeness
  • Spring-mounted blades for a comfortable shave

Microcomb guard to guide hairs to the blades

Behind the soft, flexible microfins of the ProGlide cartridge, a unique microcomb helps to guide hairs towards the blades. The microfins stretch the skin in front of the blades to create an even surface, while the microcomb positions the hairs for optimal cutting.

Cushioning Lubrastrip for slick glide

Gillette's iconic cushioning Lubrastrip enhances the ProGlide blades. This thin, orange, pre-lubricated strip is activated when wet, slowly releasing its ingredients onto the skin for a smooth glide. The Lubrastrip also fades with use from orange to white, indicating when it's time to switchblades.

Our sharpest blades (blades 1 to 4) for incredible closeness

ProGlide blades are coated with an anti-friction layer, which helps to ensure a comfortable shave. There are five blades on a cartridge; each hair can be cut up to 5 times in one stroke, leading to unique closeness. ProGlide blades are highly efficient and long-lasting.

Spring-mounted blades for a comfortable shave

The ProGlide's carefully positioned blades are individually spring-mounted, which allows them to move up and down within the cartridge. This way, the blades can react automatically to the irregular surface of your skin. Combined with the FlexBall pivot and the ergonomic handle of the ProGlide razor, this technology ensures that the shave stays comfortable even on tricky areas.

Which Gillette razor can you use with ProGlide blades?

The PRO, Fusion5 and SkinGuard Sensitive families are interchangeable when it comes to blades and cartridges. This means you can use any of these razor handles with a Fusion5 blade. If you want a long-lasting solution to your shaving needs, you can pick up a ProGlide value pack or subscribe to Gillette's Shave Club. Whatever you choose, you'll save money in the process!

How do you clean ProGlide razor blades?

ProGlide cartridges are easy to clean. Just rinse the blade gently under the tap after every use, as well as after every few strokes, for optimal effectiveness during each shave. Place the back of the cartridge facing upwards under the tap to dislodge any trapped hairs or dead skin. Be careful to avoid any impact and wipe the cartridge, as this can change its precise structure and damage the delicate blades. Instead, for stuck hairs, rinse longer and move the razor more vigorously if necessary. To help the blades dry correctly, you should ideally place the razor on a razor stand or mini hanger. Alternatively, you can store the razor over a rack to air dry.

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