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GlucoRx Q Blood Glucose Monitoring System

GlucoRx Q Blood Glucose Monitoring System

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Discover the GlucoRx Q Blood Glucose Monitoring System, a reliable and discreet solution for your daily glucose monitoring needs.

Key Features:

  • ISO 15197:2015 Accuracy: Meets international accuracy standards for reliable results
  • GOD Enzyme Technology: Ensures precise glucose measurements
  • Backlit Screen: Easy viewing in any lighting conditions
  • No Coding Required: Streamlines the testing process
  • 7µL Blood Volume: Get results in just 7 seconds with a small blood sample
  • Alternative Site Testing: Convenient testing options
  • AC/PC Meal Markers: Helps track glucose levels before and after meals
  • Four Alarms: Reminders for consistent monitoring


With GlucoRx Q, you can enjoy:

  • 450 Reading Storage: Track your progress with day averages
  • PC Link: Easily download and analyze your results
  • Diasend Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate with the Diasend system

Easy to Use:

Follow the simple instructions provided and start monitoring your blood glucose levels effortlessly. Use the lancing device and lancets to collect a blood sample, insert the test strip, and wait for the quick results.


Prior to use, carefully read the instruction manual and adhere to all safety guidelines. Remember to always use a new lancet for each test to ensure accurate and hygienic results.

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