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Hylo Night (formerly VitA-POS) Eye Ointment with Vitamin A - 5g

Hylo Night (formerly VitA-POS) Eye Ointment with Vitamin A - 5g

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Hylo Night (formerly VitA-POS) Eye Ointment with Vitamin A - 5g is an affordable, preservative-free ointment that is convenient to apply and best suited for use at night. A light paraffin-based ointment called Hylo gel eye drops also contains vitamin A, which has been demonstrated to help with dry eye symptoms like impaired vision and stable tear film. It is considerably easier to apply and more comfortable because it has a lot of softer consistency than some older eye ointments. It is entirely free of preservatives and keeps its sterility for up to three months after first opening. For at least 6 hours, it keeps the eye surface lubricated.

Optase Hylo Night dry eye ointment cannot be used with contact lenses because it is an ointment, but it does offer long-term comfort for those who wear contacts at Optase Hylo Night eye ointment.

What is Optase Hylo Night Ointment?

Optase Hylo Night Ointment is a 5g ointment specially formulated with Vitamin A to provide long-lasting lubrication and support the healing process of the eyes during sleep. It is suitable for individuals experiencing dry eyes, including those with mild to moderate dry eye symptoms.

What are the benefits of taking Optase Hylo Night?

Optase Hylo Night provides long-lasting lubrication and support to the eyes during sleep. But it helps to reduce dryness and irritation and supports the healing process of the eyes. It also helps to promote a well-rested and refreshed eye area.

How do I use Hylo Night Ointment?

Wash your hands before applying to use Hylo Night Ointment (Optase Eye Ointment, Hylo Night eye ointment, hylo-night). Twist off the cap and gently pull down the lower eyelid to make a small pocket. Squeeze a small amount of ointment (about 1 cm) into the pocket. Be careful not to touch the eye or other surfaces with the tube tip. 

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