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Lovima (Desogestrel) Mini-Pill 75mcg

Lovima (Desogestrel) Mini-Pill 75mcg

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What is Lovima (Desogestrel) Mini-Pill 75mcg?

Lovima is a progestogen-only pill (POP) containing 75mcg of desogestrel. It is a new contraception pill available to buy without a prescription, following a consultation with a pharmacist.

How does work Lovima (Desogestrel) Mini-Pill 75mcg?

Lovima works by preventing ovulation and thickening the cervical mucus, making it difficult for sperm to reach any eggs. It is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy when used correctly.

What are the benefits of taking Lovima (Desogestrel) Mini-Pill 75mcg?

Benefits of taking Lovima include no need for a prescription, no need for a blood pressure check, and it can be used while breastfeeding. It is also more effective than using a condom to prevent pregnancy.

How do I use Lovima (Desogestrel) Mini-Pill 75mcg?

Take one Lovima tablet simultaneously every day, 24 hours apart. Start on the first day of your period and take one tablet every day until the packet is empty, then start a new packet with no break.

What precautions should I take before using Lovima (Desogestrel) Mini-Pill 75mcg?

Before taking Lovima, speak to your pharmacist to make sure it is suitable for you. Do not take Lovima if you are pregnant, have a thrombosis, have jaundice or severe liver disease, have cancer, have unexplained vaginal bleeding, or are allergic to soy, peanut, lactose or any of the ingredients
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