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Natures Aid Super Stars Multivitamin

Natures Aid Super Stars Multivitamin

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An expert blend of 13 vitamins and minerals in cherry flavour. 

Super Stars Multivitamin and Minerals are delicious, cherry flavoured chewable daily tablets.

Multivitamins & Minerals contain 13 vitamins and minerals. Our daily tablets contain: 

Iodine to contribute to the normal growth of children.

Zinc which supports normal cognitive function.

Vitamin D3 which supports healthy immune function in children.

Plus many other vitamins and minerals.

For your peace of mind, Super Stars Multivitamins and Minerals chewable tablets are 100% no added sugar and contain no artificial flavours, preservatives, or colours.


Designed for children aged 4 - 12 years: Chew or suck 1 tablet per day, ideally after a meal.

Do not exceed the recommended intake.

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