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Paramol Tablets

Paramol Tablets

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What is Paramol Tablets?

Paramol Tablets are a reliable and convenient pain relief solution. They are specially designed tablets that provide effective relief from various types of pain.

How does work Paramol Tablets?

Paramol Tablets contain paracetamol and dihydrocodeine tartrate as active ingredients. When taken orally with water, they quickly provide fast-acting relief from mild to moderate pain.

What are the benefits of taking Paramol Tablets?

The easy-to-swallow tablets ensure quick and hassle-free consumption, allowing you to experience fast-acting relief whenever you need it most. They are suitable for adults and adolescents aged 12 years and above.

How do I use Paramol Tablets?

Take one tablet with water as soon as pain is experienced. If necessary, a second tablet can be taken after 4-6 hours, but no more than 2 tablets should be consumed within a 24-hour period.

What precautions should I take before using Paramol Tablets?

Do not take this product if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Keep out of reach of children. Always read the label and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

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